NAWGJ Uniforms


Official Uniform

All judges who would like to be assigned to meets in Florida are required to wear the official NAWGJ uniform to USA Gymnastics meets and the official AAU apparel to AAU qualifying meets.

New judges may order the NAWGJ uniform as soon as they receive your judge’s rating and join NAWGJ.

New judges may postpone ordering the uniform for one year from the date of passing the test. In lieu of the NAWGJ uniform during their first year, new judges may substitute a white blouse, navy blue or black knee-length skirt with no side/front slit (pants for males), and dress shoes. Dress pants are also acceptable but they must be business quality--not jeans, denims, or casual pants. Scarves are not  part of the official uniform. 

If a judge chooses to wear a scarf, it must be navy in color.

The official uniform must be obtained before the end of the first year. 

Information about ordering NAWGJ uniforms can be found HERE.

Professional Attire

All judges in Florida are required to wear the official NAWGJ uniform in order to be assigned to meets. 

Gymnastics meets are events for children and young women; judges are expected to dress in a manner appropriate for the occasion. 


  • Blouses may not be cut low in the front
  • Blouses may not be worn that show a bare midriff
  • Slacks must be ankle length (capri's are not acceptable)
  • Skirts need to be at least knee length
  • Skirts should not have a high slit in the front or back; a small pleat kick is acceptable
  • Professional dress shoes of one color (dark navy blue or black) should be worn--not boots, sandals, flip flops, or sneakers
  • Other adornments (leg warmers; wraps, etc.) are not permitted
  • Clothes should be pressed and unwrinkled.

In cold gyms, it is acceptable to wear a light-weight sweater or vest under your jacket. However, these should be a solid color, white or dark navy blue/black, and should not hang down below the length of your uniform jacket.

The NAWGJ sweaters are not considered a replacement for the NAWGJ uniform jacket.

Occasionally, a meet director will ask judges to wear clothing that corresponds to the theme of a meet. Attire worn for theme meets must meet the standard of business-professional attire. In general, shorts, jeans, sweatshirts, and running shoes are not acceptable attire for a theme meet or for Judge’s Cup. 

If a meet director asks judges to wear costumes, such as at a Halloween meet, the costume must be appropriate for a children’s event. 

The NAWGJ Florida Board prefers that judges should be in uniform rather than dress in theme/costume attire unless specifically indicated on the meet information form sent to judges prior to the meet.