NAWGJ Florida

National Association of Women's Gymnastics Judges of Florida



Official Uniform

Competitions/Invites/USAG qualifiers & State Meets that are sanctioned by USA Gymnastics require that judges wear the required uniform as specified by USA Gymnastics rules and policy: Navy blue pants/skirt with white blouse/shirt and jacket (exception is theme meets: judges may either dress in the theme or wear the navy blue uniform).

The following are NOT acceptable to be worn as part of your uniform:

  • Blue Jeans
  • Leggings or very tight pants
  • Capri pants
  • Warm up jackets – jackets should match pants/skirt and look like a suit

All pants/skirt/jacket must be NAVY blue – other shades of blue are not acceptable. The official NAWGJ uniform is not required, but everyone must wear professional business attire.

Information about ordering NAWGJ uniforms from Lands’ End is available on the NAWGJ website; http://www.nawgj.org/ordering_a_uniform.htm

Team FL AAU has their own uniforms. Refer to their Handbook at teamfloridagymnastics.org for more information on that programs’ requirements.


Professional Attire

Gymnastics meets are events for children and young women; judges are expected to dress in a manner appropriate for the occasion.


  • Blouses may not be cut low in the front
  • Blouses may not be worn that show a bare midriff
  • Skirts need to be at least knee length
  • Skirts should not have a high slit in the front or back; a small pleat kick is acceptable
  • Professional dress shoes of one color should be worn— no boots, sandals, flip flops, or sneakers.
  • Other adornments (leg warmers; wraps, etc.) are not permitted
  • Clothes should be pressed and unwrinkled

In cold gyms, it is acceptable to wear a light-weight sweater or vest under your jacket. However, these should be a solid color, white or dark navy/black, and should not hang down below the length of your uniform jacket. The NAWGJ sweaters are not considered a replacement for the NAWGJ and/or USAG uniform jacket.

Occasionally, a Meet Director will ask judges to wear clothing that corresponds to the theme of a meet. Attire worn for theme meets must meet the standard of business- professional attire. In general, shorts, jeans, sweatshirts, and running shoes are not acceptable attire for a theme meet or for the Judges’ Cup. If a Meet Director asks judges to wear costumes, such as a Halloween meet, the costume must be appropriate for a children’s event. 


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